At Tim's Handyman Service we offer a huge array of different services. As a handymanI perform many repairs. I offer repairs to windows and doors as well as wood rot throughout the home. I am willing to replace rotten wood with matching materials or with upgraded materials designed not to rot. All replaced wood will be primed and painted to match the existing materials in area of repair. I provide roofing repairs including replacing missing shingles and replacing worn components including boots,ridge vents and attic fans. I do not do full scale roofing as I have a small crew and am not equipped to complete full re-roofs.At Tim's Handyman Service we also install tile flooring as well as hardwoods. I also install counter tops and cabinets. We provide painting services including interior and exterior projects. We will paint your entire home or just a small area. Many people use my services to paint foyers and or stairways while they complete the painting in other areas of the home that are more manageable. When painting I repair any minor defects including nail holes or pops.